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What My Clients Say
Gina takes the time to get to know her client's needs, interests, and lifestyles. She knows the local area and what it takes to get into the market. She provided updated information as well as options that we hadn't thought about before. I was impressed that she's more interested in building relationships and finding the right property, not just a "quick buck, see ya later" kind of attitude that I've exp...

— Marie

What My Clients Say
I contacted Gina when I needed to move from San Francisco and was looking at options in Sonoma County. Even though she does not specialize in rentals, she was able to talk with me about possibilities in the rental as well as the purchasing market. She always focused on what would be the best fit for me, my lifestyle, my resources, my hopes, and my dreams. The relationship is the number one priority for h...

— Justine M.

What My Clients Say
Gina focused on our needs, not the sale What I like best about Gina Martinelli is that she’s not a “salesperson”, she’s more of an advisor. She listens to what you need and provides her honest, professional opinion about various properties. It’s not about the sale. I called Gina numerous times about houses I’d seen on MLS and she talked me out of even looking at them because she knew they were not a good...

— Buyer

What My Clients Say
Our Home sold fast and at full price When my wife and I decided to move from California to Oregon, we needed to sell not only our home in Guerneville but also my mother’s home in Santa Rosa. We expected the houses to be on the market for at least 30 days. Not so! With Gina Martinelli’s help, we sold one home in a single day, with a purchase price higher than the asking price; we sold the second home with...

— Rod P.

What My Clients Say
We were so fortunate to have Gina Martinelli as our Realtor®! I only have good things to say about Gina and the whole experience. During the middle of the COVID pandemic, we decided to move back to San Diego after having lived in Sonoma County for 10 years. Initially, we thought that we would get settled in San Diego and then return to Forestville to get the house ready for sale. With limitations on trav...

— Patrick & Amy

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