Gina focused on our needs … not the sale

What I like best about Gina Martinelli is that she’s not a “salesperson”; she’s more of an advisor. She listens to what you need and provides her honest, professional opinion about various properties. It’s not about the sale. As a matter of fact, I called Gina numerous times about houses I’d seen on MLS and she actually talked me out of even looking at them because she knew they were not a good fit for us. With her expertise and extensive knowledge of Sonoma County, Gina knows whether properties are next to railroad tracks, or in an unsafe neighborhood, or whatever. Gina knows her stuff!


Thank you, Gina, for your positive attitude and patience and your refusal to let us settle for anything less than the perfect home.

– Wood Family

Our Home Sold Fast and at Full Price

When my wife and I decided to move from California to Oregon, we needed to sell not only our home in Guerneville, but also my mother’s home in Santa Rosa. We expected the houses to be on the market for at least 30 days. Not so! With Gina Martinelli’s help, we sold one home in a single day, with a purchase price higher than the asking price; we sold the second home within three days, with two bids coming in at full asking price. Of course, the housing market at the time played a huge role in our success, but so did Gina. For example:

  • Gina told us exactly what we needed to do to make each house look its best.

  • Gina gave us advice on what to renovate and what to leave for the new owners.

  • Since the county had lost all documentation on our home, Gina helped us gather everything a buyer would need: elevation certification, building permits, etc.

  • Gina did all the legwork to get cracks and electrical issues repaired on our older house; we didn’t have to do anything.

  • Since Gina was less familiar with the housing market in Guerneville, she sought advice from local agents to determine an asking price.

  • Once the bids came in, Gina evaluated them and then presented them to us, explaining which bids were better and why.


Thanks to all the work Gina did, the sale of the two homes couldn’t have gone smoother. Gina is a delight to work with. She’s honest, likeable, and has a bubbly personality and a positive attitude. With Gina, there’s never a concern. It’s always “no problem.”

-Rod Palmieri